Bedroom Wallpaper

On a complete tangent, since I don’t think we’re going to be focusing on the bedroom for quite some time, I saw this wallpaper by Designer’s Guild advertised today and fell totally and utterly in love. 

Worth a feature wall surely? 

Now I just need to find a stockist somewhere in the US.  One day soon I’m going to have to transfer my loyalties from UK designers and UK companies, because it’s going to start getting really expensive.



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    That’s the exact wallpaper I have fallen in love with for the feature wall behind my bed but my boyfriend doesn’t like it… sob… why did I ask him?! Please get it and I can admire your pictures instead!

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    In my place, I spent most time in my room I had everything i need. a television set, my phone, my laptop, a own comfort room, air conditioned place just everything one day i get tired looking at it no matter how change the arrangements of my bedroom furniture and buy new stuff still ain’t good enough everyday is getting boring. I repainted it still has the boring thing. I try wall papers in green flowers with white print. I love it so much now the place is more relaxing to me more lively. just sometimes we leave behind the idea of strips, florals and prints are best way to keep the room lively.

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    It’s beautiful! I’ve seen so many wallpapers with great designs, but this one is extraordinary. That wallpaper can make a bedroom much more comfortable. It’s one that’s worth buying.

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