Bay City Roller

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It transpires that we’re going to San Francisco next Friday (the Husband has managed to arrange yet another business trip), which will hopefully be a great opportunity to do some SHOPPING.

I’ve never been before, so all suggestions for great interiors shops, restaurants, sightseeing trips etc. most gratefully received, though do remember that I will sadly have a two-year old in tow most of the time.



  1. says

    Oh good. I’m going in June for a friend’s wedding, and will look forward to piggy-backing off of what you learn. 😉
    And in the interest of adding something useful to the conversation, um, Ghihardelli Square smells like chocolate?

  2. Diane says

    Am incredibly jealous…
    Trying to think of recommendations, although my favourite thing is simply to wander around, which probably isn’t great for the Minx. We always get a travelcard and use buses (and yes – cable cars – have to try them!) And I like doing the touristy thing and taking the 49-mile scenic drive.
    Although I’d normally avoid the Pier 39/Fisherman’s Wharf area like the plague, the aquarium is nice (and I guess the weather might not be great so indoors options might be useful). And I used to love having breakfast at the Eagle Cafe (dates from 1928) but a quick look around makes me think they have updated it, which may well be sacrilege… The Minx might like the sea lions too (near the pier, not in the cafe, obviously…).
    There’s an Exploratorium near the Golden Gate Bridge which the Minx might enjoy (lots of things to push, pull and watch) If the weather’s good, heading out north to Muir Woods is lovely.
    The food’s good – sushi in Japantown was fab (and I don’t like sushi…). Out favourite restaurant was vegetarian, so might not suit, but the food was great, and it has one hell of a view: It’s in the Fort Mason Center just a little east of the Golden Gate Bridge – the area around there has been renovated in recent years, and is worth a look – last time we went there was an Annie Liebowitz exhibition in one of the warehouses.
    Most recently we stayed in Pacific Heights, which I loved. Great views, lovely shops, and a really nice art deco cinema.
    Do you know which area you’re staying in? I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, even if you stick to your local area.
    (Oh – and I think Ghirardelli’s chocolate is horrible…)

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