Donna Wilson


Calorie free!


I’ve got lots of ideas bubbling around my head for when we’ve got through the Christmas rush, and one of the first big projects for next year will, I think, be introducing a new collection of kids’ stuff. 

I’d love to include these wonderful knitted creatures by Donna Wilson (found via Lola is Beauty.  Which are gorgeous and cuddly but not too cutesy-cutesy.



I’m also rather taken by her knitted foodstuffs, but not entirely sure what you would do with them after the initial excitement of having calorie-free doughnuts has worn off.



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    Cute dolls. Saw a stall in a brick lane craft market of those kinds of stuffed creatures. My Picallili also has quite a line in them – you should ask her to blog about them. They’re too cute and not quite so spindly, which, call me crazy, seem rather a choking hazard to me…

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