A couple of things

We’ve just launched two more new products on the site, both of which will cheer up your kitchen.

First up some gorgeous new heavy cotton teatowels from Atelier LZC .  It looks like they’re trying to reinvent the simple naturalistic aesthetic for which they’re famous


Famous Atelier LZC teatowels

into something more ornate and stylised.

New teatowels from Atelier LZC

I love the new look but it will be interesting to see how they sell in comparison with the other designs (which we’re still carrying) which have always done very well for us.

Of course, you could always treat yourselves to all four designs.

We’ve also got some new fridge magnets which are decorated with old vintage scarves and have a great early-70s retro vibe about them.

They’re only £6 for two, but you will of course need to buy yourself an orange Smeg fridge to hang them on.


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