Oh I know this is getting ridiculous, and I probably won’t have any readers left soon, but this evening we were treated to the most awesome sunset (after a day of torrential rain) so I had to climb out onto the roof and take a couple of shots.

This is turning into a real dilemma.  One of the reasons for moving out here was so that the Minx could live in a proper house with a garden and neighbours, instead of a central London flat. 

But I love this view out over the Sound so much that it’s really tempting to stay here in a high-rise downtown apartment instead. Where else am I going to be able to work with a view like this?



  1. Diane says

    Am wildly jealous. Have always wanted to live near the sea, preferably in an arty, liberal city. Still yearning for a little cottage on Telegraph Hill in San Francisco, but would settle for Seattle. Perhaps you should make the most of the place and the view over the winter, then move when the weather’s warmer and the Minx can make the most of her new garden – ?

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