Moving On

I am writing this surrounded by packed up boxes, trying to steel myself for yet another evening of sorting and packing.

Tonight is our last night in the flat.  In every direction all I can see are boxes and memories.


This is the flat I bought eleven years ago as a single girl, though my boyfriend at the time I was buying it soon became my fiance and then my husband.

This is the flat where I spent the night before my wedding and to which I came back as a new bride.

This is the flat which has seen me return late and leave early for four different jobs and it was at this desk overlooking the street that I decided to start mirrormirror.

This is the flat which has been stuffed full of cushions, candles and packing boxes for the best part of the last two years.

This is the flat where I suffered through four miscarriages and where I discovered I was pregnant with the Minx.

This is the flat where I had a terrible bleeding episode while pregnant and was convinced I was miscarrying, only to find that the baby was still safe and sound.

This is the flat which we brought our baby home to after a worrying week in the Special Baby Unit, where we tiptoed around introducing her to every room.

This is the flat where I sat breastfeeding for hours at a time feeling depressed and miserable.

This is the flat where my baby learned to walk and learned to talk.

This is the flat where we decided to go to Seattle. 

This is the flat where I’ve spent the happiest years of my life so far.

The photos are not very good, being quickly taken one evening to send to a journalist.  You must also remember that normally the flat is covered with a thick layer of bright plastic toys.



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    I’ve just been at Anna’s blog, having realised it’s now November and I missed her leaving… thankfully I’m catching you before you go.
    Not enough time to plan and make card and gift, but when I become more organised (say, 5 years time, just kidding, I hope) it can be an extra treat to get a UK package in your post so send your new address to my home email.
    I’m only reading blogs once a month now, cause otherwise I get too sucked in and then don’t even have the time to be organised if I tried.
    So, must read the rest of yours now… by the time I’m done you’ll be flying! Have a good flight and I hope all goes smoothly and safely and that you all have some lovely treats upon moving into a new house, new area, NEW COUNTRY!!!!
    Bon Voyage, will be checking to see if you blog in December, if not before. Love Cally xxxxxx

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    Oh Paola, that’s made me cry – clearly I’m an emotional wreck as the stress of Christmas is starting!!!
    I know you will make lots of wonderful new memories in Seattle, but please tell me you’re just renting this flat out and not selling?
    Good luck with the move – I think it’s today – safe journey and I look forward to reading how life in Seattle is going (and how the long plane journey with the Minx was!).

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    What a lovely flat. It looks like you have good house karma, Paola, so I feel certain you will find something equally lovely in Seattle, and maybe after you get settled, you’ll write about all the wonderful things your new home holds.

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