The mind boggles

In pre-Minx days, the Husband and I would often unwind by taking ourselves on relaxing breaks to country cottages, where any unwinding would soon be undone by fiendishly-competitive and stressful games of Boggle. (For the uninitiated, in Boggle you have three minutes to find as many words of three letters or over hidden in a grid of 16 randomly chosen letters).

Since the arrival of the Minx I had thought my Boggling days were behind me, but no, toddlers are now going unfed, eggcups are going unsent and husbands are being ignored because I have discovered online Boggle ! Played against other people! Whose scores (if they are genuine) are ludicrously better than my own.

And to think I thought I didn’t have an addictive personality.



  1. lissie says

    You will be thrilled to hear that Boggle also comes in Junior flavour, though be warned – like most dumbed down versions of grown-up board games, it’s not all that. Do hope for her sake that Lulu inherits the Thomas competitive streak…

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