The Big Bathroom Remodel: Hexagon Tiles


We were stuck for quite some time deciding on tile for the bathroom.




Aside from wood, nature doesn’t feature very strongly in our house, so all the natural stone and marble options didn’t seem very much  in keeping. Glass on the other hand seemed almost too contemporary for a craftsman house, so it quickly became apparent that ceramic tiles were the way to go.

We didn’t, however, want to default to subway tile walls with a penny tile floor, although we do find them very American and charming.  The bathroom we are remodelling is a later addition to our 1912 house and it probably makes sense to go for real Americana in the original downstairs bathroom.




{via Apartment Therapy}


In the end we were inspired by this bathroom on Apartment Therapy that we found via Pinterest, and fell in love with the large size hexagon tiles, which seemed both contemporary and a bit different but still timeless and in keeping with the rest of the house.

Much intensive searching online later, and the only 4 inch hexagon tiles we could find were these beautiful matte handmade Savoy tiles, made in the US by Crossville Inc, which come in a range of neutral colours, including white.



{via Crossville Inc}

So that’s what we went with, and the floor was finished yesterday. Delighted doesn’t even begin to cover it.  It looks spectacular and we are THRILLED.




Onwards and upwards.  It’s finally all starting to take shape.



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  2. says

    Gorgeous! Could you tell me where you bought the tiles? I’ve been looking on the Crossville website and it doesn’t seem like they sell online. Did you purchase the tiles online or in a store?

      • says

        Hi there!

        We pointed our contractor in the direction of the Crossville site. Unfortunately I don’t think you can get them without a contractor being involved.

  3. Amy says

    Beautiful! Just beautiful…..what color grout did you use, and I would love to see pictures of the finished bathroom. 🙂


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