WTF Friday: Dot Dog Bags




So now you’re thinking that I’ve gone and lost my mind. Those little leather purses are adorably cute!  I would definitely walk around town with one of those swinging from my wrist.

And so dear reader would I.




Except they have been specifically designed for the transportation of dog poop. Next time you see an impossibly chic Parisian woman (because of course these are a French design) wearing one of these, know that she has a bunch of poop dangling from her wrist.




There are reasons we don’t have a dog (most of which are to do with scooping poop), so I pass this off to the dog owners amongst us.

Do you guys really carry poop about all day? Would such a cute designer purse actually be of use?  Or should dog poop be scooped into a plastic bag and DISPOSED OF IMMEDIATELY?  I am unclear as to the etiquette here.

I found this on the blog of lovely commenter Cate.  Her pet blog Under the Blanket features a ton of cool finds for the creatures in your life and she also sells really cool and innovative pet name tags which are attached to an online database of information in case your pets ever go missing. I reviewed them here.



  1. says

    I would use this to hold the poop bags, but unless your dog weighs 4 oz. and eats sakura blossoms for sustenance, that poop is going to stink and weigh you down pretty quickly.

  2. Robyn says

    On my standard three mile walk with my dog he always poops in the beginning of the walk and since there are no trash cans on our route I am forced to carry the bag the whole way. I would love to use this just to have it contained and on my wrist freeing up my hand. I might even attach it to the leash.

    I would still get rid of the poop as soon as I hit a trash can but in the mean time this would be great.

  3. Lucy says

    Here in London we are plagued with the bizarre occurrence of people going to the bother of bagging, but then dropping the filled bags just anywhere, often right outside our school where they can lie indefinitely, oozing slowly, impervious even to cleansing rain. So odd and horrid. ,

  4. Michele says

    I agree with comment #1. I think the cute bag is intended only to hold a supply of clean plastic poop bags. I don’t think they actually intend for you to put a poop-filled bag back into this adorable (and probably expensive) little treasure. Besides, sometimes in the process of picking up the poop, there can be mishaps where some of the intended contents end up on the OUTSIDE of the bag too, so in that case, you certainly would NOT want to put the filled bag into the cute pouch.

  5. says

    Paola, thanks so much for sharing! I think the pouch is intended for the poop bags only – far too cute for poop and a bit stinky lol

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