WTF Friday : John Derian


John Derian found and lovingly restored a dilapidated 1850s building in New York City’s East Village and in doing so thrilled me to my very soul.




Hey you guys, that’s not dirt in my house it’s a ‘patina’!

And now I can make a fortune selling ‘Pay Dirt’  – our own particular house-generated brand of dust and grey cat hair to New York City loft dwellers.

I have to admit though, that his house is GORGEOUS.





johnderian3 johnderian1



Full  before and after slideshow here.

My back is much better today! It’s amazing what lack of chronic pain does to my mood.



  1. says

    Love it. And it makes me miss even more my old Victorian semi in Toronto. They are a blast to renovate and decorate. The perfect blank slate with substance.

  2. says

    on closer examination: not crazy for the kitchen, no one really cooks there obviously. And the portrait above the otherwise stunning bathroom is plain stupid
    Also, I have no idea who John Derian is

  3. says

    There’s obviously a big market for ‘Pay Dirt’ out there *starts rummaging in vacuum cleaner*. I’ll put you ladies on the mailing list.

  4. Bianca says

    Tell John Derian that he does need some fantasy spray dust or spray dirt in a can to get this look. Take two five year boys in from the garden, toss into an all white room and shake for one week.
    That ought to give him all the “patina” he wants.

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