Seattle’s Great Wheel


Yesterday was my birthday and for a special treat we decided to take a spin on Seattle’s Great Wheel – the new super Ferris wheel which opened this summer on Seattle’s waterfront. 






It’s not quite the London Eye, but the views over downtown Seattle and Elliott Bay are just as spectacular.  The sun shone for me yesterday and we were lucky enough to board just as the sun was setting over the Olympic mountains.




The Husband treated us to the exclusive, all black VIP Gondola – which was expensive but worth it I think for the super comfortable bucket seats, which for some reason made me feel much less nervous (I’m not so good with heights), the see-through glass floor and the fact that we didn’t have to share with another party.  I think we also got a longer ride than others too (and some super uglyass tee-shirts).





Here’s the view down through the glass-bottom of the gondola


ferriswheelseattle-11 ferriswheelseattle-9




And here’s a gratuitous shot of some folks on the pier watching the sun going down, just because I like it really.




Seattle peeps, I highly recommend this if you haven’t been already.  I understand the light show is pretty major too.



  1. says

    We offered to take our nephews, 10 and 8, on the great wheel when they were here in July, but they refused. (They must’ve gotten their mother’s fear of heights.)
    My birthday is next week. If this glorious weather holds ’til then, I think a ride on the wheel may be just the thing.

  2. says

    @Connie Seattle Thanks! And honestly, I was freaking out a bit before getting on it, but it’s not that scary….
    @isaida It really is beautiful here. Though you must promise to visit only between July and September.
    @kimberly Yes a ride on the wheel is perfect for a birthday treat…

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