Dressing in Adversity: Vicky Beckham, Melissa McCarthy, Anne Sophie Bion Oscars 2012


(With honourable mentions to Princess Charlene and Gwen Stefani).

Appalling things obviously happened to the original dresses the following three ladies were going to wear, but adversity couldn’t dampen their determination to attend as they fashioned replacements out of stuff they had lying about round the house.

Fortunately Vicky Beckham is tiny enough to fit into one of David’s knee bandages without any need for alterations.



Melissa McCarthy did extraordinary things with waxed paper lunch bags, unbleached of course for added eco-friendliness.



Anne Sophie Bion resorted to that old friend the bin liner (trashbag if you must) and didn’t even try to disguise it. She’d be terrible on Project Runway.



Princess Charlene must have suffered some sort of awful accident as she made yet another attempt to escape her loveless marriage, but she still made it to the ceremony while wearing a neck brace.


1B9681DD gwenstefanioscars2012


And poor, poor Gwen Stefani clearly had a terrible accident with the ketchup bottle at the Vanity Fair party itself but still soldiered womanfully on.



  1. says

    As usual, your Separated at Birth series is very amusing. I always look forward to it. You are especially on target with Angelina Jolie. That dead white leg is not attractive. What was she thinking? Did you see any gowns that you thought were really beautiful?

  2. says

    I loved Rose Byrne’s edgy black sequinned Vivienne Westwood, Octavia Spencer’s glorious Tadashi Shoji, Jessica Chastain’s exquisite McQueen, Penelope Cruz’s ethereal Armani Prive’ and I did like Gwyneth’s Tom Ford, though I’m not sure white is really her colour and she annoys me so much I have trouble liking anything she’s wearing.

  3. Bianca says

    Wherever did you get the brown paper back pic? How apropo! I guess money can’t buy you very much in Hollywood anymore.

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