Shhhh. Don’t Tell the Minx




Quite possibly the most sinister photo I’ve ever published on here.

It’s been going swimmingly so far, but now I move onto the head, where there’s plenty of scope for making her look ugly or even downright scary. Wish me luck!

(She is helped to sit by a small bag of big green lentils stuffed in her bottom)



  1. camilla says

    Isn’t it bags of cocaine that are usually stuffed up bottoms. Or is that just the circles I mix in.
    PS Have you heard the news – I’m going to have see that ring every other day – much preferred it in its box.

  2. says

    Hi Camilla! I always knew William would stick it to you in the end 🙂
    Actually I’m very excited about the wedding and already planning our trip back to London to camp out in the streets. Though no doubt you’ll be in the Abbey.

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