Jonathan Adler at Le Parker Meridien – Palm Springs


The last day of our trip to Palm Springs was also the only day we had grotty weather. It was sunny enough for swimming in the hotel pool until lunchtime, but then we checked out and went for lunch at the Parker, with interior design by Jonathan Adler.

From the moment we walked through the enormous orange front doors it was obvious we were in the presence of decorating GENIUS.




Even the Minx thought so.


 IMG_5537 IMG_5535


To be fair Adler is definitely a decorator, not a designer and he does make it easy for himself. The building is not especially exciting and he hasn’t done anything particularly original with the space. Pretty much everything is painted white with dark wood floors, and the whole would be incredibly boring if it were empty.

But he has created the perfect backdrop for his superb vignettes of furniture and quirky accessories all topped off with his incredible sense of colour.



IMG_5587  IMG_5567




Everywhere you turned there were little Adler-esque touches.


The Parker


The restaurant – Norma’s – was quite blandly decorated but the food was good and it’s obviously worth it to come here and have a bit of nose around the hotel.


Palm Springs1


The outside spaces looked like they might be interesting, but by this time the weather was really closing in and it was time to get the hell out of Palm Springs.


Palm Springs1-1


Just a quick word here in praise of Virgin America. We flew down the West Coast with them and it was such a pleasure to travel with an airline that was on time, had superbly pleasant customer service, fabulous seatback entertainment for everyone, and, to the Minx’s utter delight PINK and PURPLE interior lighting. Truly the key to a little girl’s heart.




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  1. says

    since some days ago i didn’t hear about jonathan adler ever before and now this. i LOVE this house. it’s so artistic and designed. like it a lot.

  2. says

    Paola, so glad you have a palm spring guide for me. I spontaneously and stupidly booked a weekend in September at the Parker via is actually the devil sending me tempting offers to travel to far-off destinations,the Parker probably being the LEAST extravagant of all of them.
    I do much enjoy Kathy Griffin’s stand up where she talks about being at the Parker when her dog Pom Pom escaped, sending her outside in her underwear, where she promptly locks herself out. Later, Pom Pom has diarrhea all over her suite. Hope I don’t get that room.

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