I’m going to stop blogging for two weeks.

As you can probably tell from the lacklustre recent posts, I’ve been finding it difficult to motivate myself recently and there’s so much other stuff I’ve got to sort out.

So I’m taking a week or two to organise all my clothes, my desk, my photos and the shop, do some exercise, get the garden ready for summer and refresh, rethink and refocus this blog a little.

I will be back. Have fun and don’t miss me too much.



  1. kate (pm) says

    and don’t pressure yourself to post. just write when you feel like it. you may find you’ll feel like it more when you don’t have to.

  2. Kassy says

    Have fun!! That picture is beautiful, I love the texture of the flower and the little tiny dewdrops on the side.

  3. says

    Great meeting you today neighbor! I believe I ‘bumped’ into your site on the Frantic Foodie website in April for the bake sale. Great blog btw and maybe I’ll see you at an upcoming foodie event!

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