April Photo Gallery




{Fading Lilacs}


Did anyone take on my April photo challenge? The idea is to post a photo up on your blog which sums up ‘April’ to you, post a link to the blog post below and then we all go and have a look at it.

Here’s mine, though it’s a little bit of a cheat as lilacs to me are more usually ‘May’. But they’re fading so fast this year that I had to get in quick. And I like this pic in B&W so have added that too.

I’ve linked to my blog below so you can see how this works. You’ve got a week to link to your own post.



  1. says

    That is such a great photo! It makes me want to have SEEDS.
    Anyone else who doesn’t have a blog, please link to Flick or something as Susan has done or else email me and I’ll post them up here.

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