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I’m back!


Thank you so much for all your good wishes. I was quite taken aback by how badly affected I was by the shock of it all. The first couple of days I was all over the place and after that I was very, very tired – presumably as the adrenaline left my body.  Fortunately the only major physical injury was to my tongue, which I managed to bite, and to my jaw, which I think was bruised by the seatbelt and which seemed slightly misaligned and made eating hugely difficult.  I’ve had some bodywork though, and if you are in the Seattle area I can’t recommend my chiropractor Dr Ted, who straightened my back out, or the magic fingers of Anne the rolfer – who managed to straighten my jaw out – highly enough. 

The car was a complete write-off though, so we’re currently in the market for a little practical runaround. My head tells me that I should be getting a little fuel-efficient and practical hatchback, though such things are as rare as hens’ teeth in the land of the Hummer, but my heart is telling me to get a VW Beetle.  If anyone’s got any experiences, good or bad, to share then I’m all ears. 

This might have to be a light week of posting, as I’ve got a lot to catch up on with mirrormirror, but here are some photos from the annual tulip festival in Skagit County that we went to the weekend before last. I’m also writing some posts over on Shelterrific if you can’t get enough of me.












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    Glad you are back up and at em and feeling better! So many folks I know have been in car accidents the past couple of weeks… one good friend had a semi trailer try to tango with her, her car is a total loss as well.
    I have yet to post my tulip pics… or any pics for that matter. I have to tell you though, I just ran out with my macro lens for the first time last week and I’m starting to love it even if I’m rather crummy at snapping photos with it still. But still working at it!!
    I just noticed the weather pixies on the right bar… I watch the weather in London and Edinburgh on my iPhone (as well as others like Playa del Carmen, MX!)

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    Ooh I test drove a Honda Fit at the weekend and loved it. But because they are newish there just aren’t any in our price range 🙁
    C I think a Playa del Carmen Weather Pixie would be too depressing. I like to play Weather Pixie Snap. You would be amazed how the often the weather in Seattle and in London is EXACTLY the same.

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    i’m so glad you’re ok. what a shock. your post is just beautiful – i may steal one of your photos (with due credit, of course.) take care of yourself, seriously.

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    i can’t recommend my Toyota Aygo highly enough, low emission and very fuel efficient. i use it for the brief drive to the boy’s nursery and station – he loves it in the back!
    glad to hear you are on the mend, i cannot imagine the pain and shock you have been through. i have to admit since hearing about your crash my driving has changed considerably for the better.

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    I’m a big Volvo lover. I have v70 and I love it. I did however, not to too long ago, got to drive the their new c30.The cute car that is in the movie “Twilight”ANYWAY, it has such a nice feel to it and amazing power! Loved it, so much that we may get one soon.
    Hope you are feeling better. I was in an accident where a huge Cadillac hit me from behind going about 50. I was driving a 240 two ton bessy volvo wagon. I never had any injuries or neck issues. I sure hope you are on the mend.
    Gorgeous pictures of the tulip outing. It reminds me of the Keukenhoff gardens in the Netherlands.

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    The Husband drives a Volvo which he loves. Unfortunately I don’t think our budget will stretch to the c30. (My car is very much a school run runaround).
    My jaw injuries are mostly due to the fact that I’m short and the seatbelt on most cars sits across my neck rather than my chest. I’d probably be decapitated if I crashed at high speed (and don’t get me started on the subject of things which are not designed with short people in mind).
    B, the Aygo looks like just the thing I need. Unfortunately there are hardly any little compact hatchbacks on the American market. Everyone here drives enormous great lumbering things and then frets about the price of fuel.

  7. chris says

    I love my (2001) VW Golf – – I have the best of both worlds – hatchback & great gas mileage, not to mention the beauty of a VW.

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    I test drove a Golf as well but found the rear window a bit small (being short visibility out the back is a problem for me too). It was a shame as I really wanted to like it.

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    I’m just catching up on my reading, so so sorry to hear about your accident. Glad you’re ok and on the mend. Nissan US seem to do the Qasque (really a Renault Scenic) and call it rather fetchingly the Rogue! They have adjustable seat belts for short folk like us, which is why I was looking at them here.
    Love the photos, I’m very jealous! Btw we’ve decided on Vancouver :)))

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    Liz, yay re. Vancouver! (Does that mean the NS trip is off?)
    Yes, the Rogue is lovely but they’ve only recently been introduced here so still v. pricey. The US has just woken up to the fact that maximum fuel efficiency doesn’t necessarily mean you need a fancy hybrid car, just something small and light, so a few hatchbacks have been introduced in the last two or three years. But they’re all still out of our price range.

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    Hi Paola! So glad you’re okay. The tulip pictures are devine!
    Okay…I’m going to put this a subtly as i can: DO NOT GET A VW BEETLE!
    I have one and it’s caused me nothing but problems. It’s very cute, but a seriously horrible car. I had it towed the other day (after it’s third breakdown) and the tow guy said the cars he tows the most are 1). Jettas and 2). Beetles.
    This was my first non-Japanese car and I totally regret it. It gets fine gas mileage, but there is always something breaking down and I hardly drive it.
    If you have anymore questions, feel free to email me!


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