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Loving the ShakeItPhoto Iphone app, which turns all your Iphone pics into Polaroids. It seems to make even the most boring pictures seem interesting. Here are some recent shots, around my house and from a walk round Seattle’s Gasworks Park.  I really need to sit down and play with it properly to get some cool effects.



Speaking of which, I think I’ve finally plucked up the courage to spring for a real Polaroid camera. The good news is that the Impossible Project is now making genuine Polaroid film, after it was discontinued last year. At $21 for 8 photos though it does seem scarily spendy.

If you’re a Photoshop user, this is pretty amazing. The below gives a sneak peek of a feature that is apparently on the way. Soon we won’t need cameras at all. {via the Daily Dish}



And finally female Etsy photographers have got together to produce a book on Blurb featuring some of their wares.  More details and images on sfgirlbybay. You can buy it here, I wish Blurb books weren’t so expensive as it does seem hugely inspiring.



Picture-12.jpg Picture-17.jpg


{Images from She’s a Rainbow by kristybee, traci french and cassia beck}



  1. deri Robins says

    Content-aware Phil is MINE, along with all his software sorcery.
    Just watched this with Ben. We are Agog.

  2. says

    my husband is obsessed with iPhone photography– ShakeIt, PS Mobile, The Best Camera App and now, Hipstamatic, which has lots of cool filters and such.

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