Quick Easter Links


Rushing around like a mad thing this week, so blogging may be a little light.

Here are some greatest Easter hits to tide you over today though.




Remember when we made hot cross buns? Still better than any I’ve managed to find in the US, though Alki Bakery does the best ones I’ve come across in Seattle.




And here is the Easter tree explained with instructions on how to make the felted pompoms here




And here’s the Easter bunny egg cosy I knitted for the Minx last year, using the free pattern here.




This year I was going to make a traditional English Simnel Cake, but then I was lucky enough to win a pack of Bella Cupcake Couture’s new Easter cupcake wrappers, so plans have changed to make not so traditional Easter cupcakes.



More on these anon. Oh and if you’d like to buy them in the UK (though sadly not the Easter ones this year), we’ve got Bella cupcake wrappers for sale in the shop.  (And look whose photo she is using on her promotional postcards!)

One of the great Easter mysteries of our time is why on earth giant chocolate eggs seem to be a purely UK phenomenon.  The British do take their chocolate eggs very seriously. After searching in vain for them over the last couple of years, I decided to take matters into my own hands and place an order with the British Food Shop online. After all we can’t have the Minx growing up not knowing about proper British chocolate can we? The British Food Shop ships Cadbury’s chocolate direct from the UK and its Easter eggs are currently on sale (though it’s doubtful you’ll get them in time for Easter).

Finally for someone who does Easter far better than I ever could, rush over to Not Martha to see her amazing take on making homemade Kinder eggs (though so much more beautiful than Kinder eggs could ever be). 

As an aside, did you know that, unlike guns, Kinder eggs are technically banned in the US? Any that you see on sale here are actually contraband. Really. I mean REALLY?



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    Hot cross buns… ummm …. I miss them …..I resorted to Delia’s recipe the other day, turned out yummy,but I did’t make the crosses deep enough…

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    Kinder eggs are banned in the US cause they are a choking hazard encased in an edible thing; which makes sense, technically, I guess..though that never stopped me from buying them by the bushel full in Australia, of course. :p
    When I was a kid, I used to drool over the giant choc eggs in the store, so they did exist here at one time, or maybe just in a different area from you, I dunno.
    Oh, yeah, so I actually meant to post to ask, where do you find those twisted willow branches?? I lurve them, and never manage to get ahold of any for myself. 😀

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    I got the twisted willow in our local Whole Foods one year and store it on our basement from year to year because I’ve never seen it since…

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