Mad Men Barbies AND Furniture

Be still my beating heart. (And poor exhausted credit card).

It’s been announced that Mattel will be bringing out a range of four ‘Mad Men’ Barbie and Ken dolls to promote the show’s return in July.  Full details here and here. You just know these’ll be all over every blog by lunchtime.



If you do buy some, why not get them some furniture they’d really enjoy as well? Designer Maryann Roy builds one of a kind interior room sets for her collection of vintage Barbie dolls, which she also restores. Full details from her website here. All roomset images also from her website.







UPDATE:  They’ve just gone up for pre-order HERE.  I’ve just ordered a Joan to be mirrormirror’s new office manager.  Now I need to get her a suitable retro chair so she can sit on my desk.



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    I’m sorry, are you telling me a grown-ass woman builds mid century furniture for her BARBIES?? I can stop reading the interwebs now because I have heard everything. That being said: The Betty doll is perfection, but Roger looks like Steve Martin, Don is well, kinda retarded…I mean… mentally challenged looking and Joan is TOO DAMN SKINNY

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    Tee hee! eM, are you SURE that that’s the craziest thing you’ve ever heard on the internets? But agree that Roger is all wrong. At first I thought that was the character Ken, who really does look like a Ken doll (coincidence? I think not). And yes, Joan is very lacking in the embonpoint department, though she does have her pen necklace which sort of makes up for it.

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    I think my FAVOURITE EVER Betty outfit may have been on last week when she goes to meet the council hunk for a coffee in town (the episode where she buys the antique fainting couch) and appears in strappy frock and AMAZING 1950s wing glasses.
    Oh and then there’s the one she wore when pregnant for the party and then the one she wore in Rome on her date with Don, and then the …
    I could be here some time.
    I was just daydreaming about my Barbies the other day. Is this the way that it is justified for grownups to play with Barbies, cos if so, I’m IN

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