Fancy Hotel of the Week – the Wickanninish Inn


aka (by the uber-geeky Husband anyway), the Restaurant at the End of the Universe.


This is where we were lucky enough to stay last week in Tofino. The Wick is a 4* Relais et Chateaux hotel perched on the most glorious and enormous beach way out on the westernmost tip of Vancouver Island. There is something utterly beguiling and sobering about looking out to sea and knowing that the next stop is Japan or something.


The view from our balcony

We went in February with the intention of hunkering down and ‘storm-watching’, instead, we had the most incredible sunny weather and were truly able to enjoy the beach and the stunning natural surroundings.

Which you can do without ever leaving the bar thanks to the amazing nearly 360 degree views from the restaurant.


The other thing which sets this place apart is the food, which was insanely good, some of the best I’ve eaten in North America.

Everything we had, from different freshly squeezed juices every morning, to the homemade breads, to the wonderful seafood, to spaghetti and meatballs for the Minx was utterly delicious and clearly made with only the freshest and best ingredients.  And it was so nice to come back from a grubby afternoon at the beach and drink paradisical cocktails/hot chocolate. 


Breakfast! Just the best smoked salmon bagel I’ve ever had in my life

As for the decor, it’s all pretty standard North American ‘lodge’ stuff  – all hewn timber and earth-toned textiles (which frankly were looking a little tired round the edges, why not replace them and add some colour next time?) – which, as you know, is not exactly my cup of tea.

However, this was really well done for the genre, with lots of local art and thoughtful touches everywhere – art glass, Native American wood carving,  driftwood furniture, a soaring copper fireplace, stone statues of local wildlife and a gorgeous copper screen of swimming salmon.

Sleeping Beauty

As an aside, and for those of you who care about such things,  the hotel was also super child-friendly, but in a very grown up way.  The staff could not have been friendlier and kinder to the Minx, who fell in love with the hotel the minute she found the basket of beach toys they had thoughtfully supplied in the room. Best of all they provide complimentary babysitting, so parents can go and have dinner in the restaurant. Other hotels please take note.

But at the end of the day it was mostly all about this


and this


and this


and this




  1. says

    Oh my….not jealous…no not me! That looks utterly gorgeous and exactly what I could do with at the moment. It looks like the kind of place that can soothe the soul. Thankyou so much for sharing it x

  2. says

    So what IS the next stop if you go west from Vancouver Island? I looked on the map and couldn’t work out if it was Japan or Russia… all I know is that it’s a mind bogglingly long way before you hit land again…

  3. says

    So great to see Tofino again. It’s such a magical place, you really do feel different somehow when you are there. We send all of our visitors from the UK there and stay at the Wickin of course!and I agree the restaurant is amazing!
    Great pics I’m now craving a visit! Thanks

  4. says

    This may be the best vacation post ever! You’ve just inspired me to add it to my list of “must go” destinations. It looks absolutely breathtaking and I’m pretty much in love with the furniture.

  5. says

    Cate, you are right about Tofino being magical. We were worried about the long drive/trip just for 2 nights, but it was SO worth it. Can’t recommend it highly enough to anyone who lives/visits round here.
    Liz, the driftwood furniture is pretty cool, though we did have a driftwood desk chair in our room which I forgot to photograph and which was voted by the Husband as the most uncomfortable chair ever.

  6. christine says

    Had the best dinner there in 2007, and wished our children had been with us. That is something we almost never do when we can get away from them, but this place is perfect for kids big and small.

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