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We all loved the Mibo Beetle stickers I blogged about earlier this year (and no, I haven’t yet done anything to personalise the car) and today I found out about another cool idea from the Mibo website – downloadable, print-at-homeable OWLS.

The Minx and I will be making these on Monday after we return from camping.  That is if our fingers can move for the chilblains and frostbite – after last week’s record high temperatures, temps have plummeted this week and the weather forecast for the weekend is awful. I will be attempting to blog my camping experiences from my new iPhone (the silver lining to my car being broken into on Tuesday).

Speaking of iPhones, has anyone get any favourite apps they want to share?  Either for me or the Minx? If you have a pre-schooler about the house you could do much worse that to download Smacktalk. 



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    My new favorite app is CardStar (and its free). You put in all your shopping club cards (grocery store, pharmacy, petfood store, gym, even library card) and it stores the bar code. No more little cards on the keychain!

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