Secret Knitting Part One – Doctor Who Dishcloths

I mentioned last week that I’d been knitting secrets and now I can finally reveal all.

As you may know, Megan of Not Martha fame is eloping to Vegas with her fiance’ Scott (check out her wedding blog here) and last Friday we attended a little soiree in their honour.



I decided to knit them some Doctor Who dishcloths as I know Megan is a fan.  The colour scheme was chosen to coordinate with their spatulas. The patterns for the Dalek and Tardis dishcloths were found on Ravelry of course, though I had to chart up the Cyberman myself using this fabulous software and a basic chart I found.  All details on my Ravelry page.


A propos of not very much I do like close up photos of knitting.  Don’t you?  (More secret knitting to be revealed after I’ve picked up the Minx and planted some sweet peas. I know you hardly contain yourselves. )



  1. lissie says

    When you say ‘dishcloth’ I presume you are presuming that they will actually be put into nice little frames rather than to scrape dirty dishes? This is certainly what I would do if I was fortunate enough to receive a set, for a birthday present for example…

  2. says

    You’d be foolish to frame them – they’re apparently great for swabbing down worktops. Such a shame I’m bored with knitting these now. What with you having birthday not so far away and everything….

  3. camilla says

    My birthday is before Lissie’s.
    I’d swab.
    Is the cyberman SMILING?!
    Psst Lissie – not seen the Easter spesh yet. Family viewing tomorrow evening. Will I be wanting to throttle Michelle Ryan ?

  4. camilla says

    *hurtles back in with this thought*
    Tis such a shame you didn’t have this blog when you gave me my hand knitted Secret Santa gift many years ago….
    And yes, I will email with news soon.

  5. lissie says

    Oh, I quite liked Michelle Ryan – girl did all her own stunts, have to respect that.
    Am not sure I am emtionally ready for His demise. Both Catherine Tate and John Simm have been spotted filming in Cardiff this week, incidentally….

  6. lissie says

    *hurtles back in with this thought*
    Not too late for the former WM to create a DW merkin, I suppose…

  7. Rachel says

    The colours and patterns are beautiful! I especially love the dalek, must go and find that, my nephew would love it.

  8. lissie says

    Yes, but if you swabbed they would get all misshapen and dirty. Though admittedly would look cute pegged up to dry, near, err, co-ordinating spatulas.
    Clearly there is only one person who would look after these properly and that would be ME.

  9. says

    Fab. I might even be persuaded to wash up if I had a set of those (whilst humming the theme tune, of course. Dadda da da, dadda da da ….)

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