Orla Kiely for Target

Well, I'm very behind on this one, but for the one reader who might not have seen this on another blog, iconic Irish designer Orla Kiely is coming to Target in the US, with a range of retro-styled kitchen and homewares.


I can't help thinking that the US has got a bit of a bum rap on this one. I do like one or two of the pieces – the square melamine platters and the vintage-Pyrex style bowls – but I'm not entirely keen on the colours or the very retro-looking cross hatching.

I much preferred the collection she did for Heal's – the colours seemed fresher and more contemporary and I love her stem and leaf pattern way above all the others.  And I'm still waiting for her to bring her stores to the US. What do you guys think?



All pictures from AT:NY



  1. says

    I want that frock. I want it now. Can I put an order in to my US friend??!
    PS Have you had the conversation about the varying names for Target (along the Pri-marni lines):
    Cheap Target – TarGIT
    Posh Target – Tarzjay
    Innercity Target – Targhetto
    Love it!!x

  2. says

    Oh I agree with bum rap entirely, I was expecting so much more. I think I like the glasses but that’s pretty much it. The Heal’s stuff was way better. And I’m so glad you said bum rap, I was beginning to think I was the only one that felt that way.

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