Felted Knitting Basket


Pic and make from the wonderful Kathryn Ivy

Isn’t this just awesome?  In the spirit of a New Year’s organising frenzy I’m on the lookout for a knitting basket – my yarn is currently artfully arranged in a large plastic carrier bag tucked by the side of the sofa and looks a right mess.

I really, really love the above, made by Kathryn Ivy from an old felted Aran sweater, using Martha Stewart’s recipe. Am I honestly going to be able to make this though, given that I still haven’t plucked up the courage to felt my little bowls?



  1. says

    I am so going to make this. Not least of all cos I felted an aran sweater over christmas with a vague ‘potholder’ thought in my head that has yet to come to fruition. This is MUCH prettier and will even do for an upcoming knitters’ birthday present. Excellent! Thanks darling!xx

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