Colour Therapy

I just wanted to point you guys in the direction of this fabulous giveaway on Shelteriffic. This nifty Color Helper machine lets you scan colours in from walls, fabrics or magazines and then either tells you the closest match from its inbuilt palette of manufacturers’ paint colours or suggests complementary colours for you to use.

All you have to do is prove to Shelterrific how much you need one by sending them a photo of a room that needs help and the worst will win the prize.

Fortunately for you guys, I’m not going to be sending in this photo of our famously horrendous kitchen – yep, after living here nearly two years we still haven’t painted the house and the kitchen still looks like this, though considerably more cluttered. Luckily for me, Mary T from Shelterrific is going to lend me her one of these machines, so I’ll do an indepth review when I can.  And yes, doing up the house is VERY high on the list of resolutions this year.




  1. Mary T says

    That’s a pretty red kitchen, I must admit! Is that the “party/deck” kitchen? We’ll need to set up that Color-Helper hand over!

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