Some updates

It’s my birthday today and I’m feeling lazy (and old), so only a very small post.

First up fruit flies.  I was sitting with my friend at the playground yesterday evening, watching our kids trying to kill themselves and discussing fruit flies (as you do), and she suggested using a solution of apple cider vinegar and washing up liquid in the trap, which apparently kills the flies stone dead.  I will combine this with the cling film method and report back.

untitledNext, one of Megan Not Martha’s lovely commenters has pointed out that there is a knitting pattern available HERE for yesterday’s ‘cappuccio‘. I would love to knit it, but don’t think it looks half as wonderful here as it does below.  Do you think it’s just because they’ve used an acrylic yarn? I think I will give it a go, but in merino or cashmere.  Can anyone recommend a fabulous merino or cashmere chunky weight yarn?  (Is chunky the same as aran weight in the UK?)

Finally if you want to know what your name would be if Sarah Palin were your mother, then click here.









  1. says

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!
    I lost track of your blog on my bookmarks,but I finally found it again. It has been fun catching up and seeing how big your little girl has gotten. When I commented on your blog in the past, I did not have a blog, but now I do. I’ve been at it since Feb., and it sure is a fun ride.

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