New Atelier LZC

I’ve finally pulled my finger out and got some new stuff on the site.  First up, some new products from groovy French design trio Atelier LZC, who continue to renew and develop their aesthetic and whose stuff I just love, love, love.

This also marks mirrormirror‘s first foray into greeting cards and stationery other than notebooks, and they seem to be selling well so far, so if you produce beautiful greetings cards, please let me know.

lzccards1 lzccards2 IMG_7804

Set of 6 general purpose double-sided greetings cards with detail of back and front. 

kidscards1 kidscards2 kidscards3

Set of 6 more kiddie-oriented double-sided greetings cards with detail of back and front. 

lzcpcard1 lzcpcard2 lzcpcard3

Set of 20 postcards in a book.  Actually I love how these complement each other so much I’m wondering if I can somehow just frame them.

japtowel1 japtowel2 japttowel3

Two different Japanese-influenced print tea towels


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