Serendipity, Rings and Termites

Writing a blog is a bit like throwing stones into a pond – you throw something out there, but are never quite sure what is going to come rippling back to you.

When I wrote about my new coffee table back in the Spring, what came rippling back was a lot of rude comments about my furniture placement 🙂 and a very nice email from MaryT enquiring whether my old coffee table was for sale.

So MaryT came round one afternoon with her husband DaveS and an envelope of used notes. It transpired that said MaryT is the temporary editor of the ever fabulous Shelterrific and we have since become friends, which is altogether the best reason for starting a blog.

DaveS is also hugely talented and Mary recently sent through photos of Dave’s beautiful resin rings, which showcase interesting found objects such as beach glass, shells or fossils, or, if you prefer, real gemstones which seem to hover over your finger.  These rings are all unique and handmade – hand cast, hand coloured and hand polished – and I’m somewhat regretting that the ruby red one below has been sold.






Mary also writes a personal blog Straight From the Container which today featured horrific pictures of her termite infestation problem (houses shouldn’t be made of wood, it just ain’t natural), so please do all hurry along to Dave’s Etsy shop and buy lots of things, so they can afford to sort out the problem.




  1. says

    These rings are just fabulous! Nothing like a big chunky ring to make me talk with my hands even more!
    I’m happy to hear about your connection made via blogging. So far it’s proved to be, for me, the source of many new online friends. I’ve yet to meet any, though!

  2. says

    Actually, that ruby red ring is NOT sold — it’s just not posted yet!! You can bet it will be shortly, though! : )
    Paola, thank you so much! I agree that Dave is hugely talented! I have a hard time not making him give me all the rings, as you can imagine.

  3. says

    Ma Sheely – get Dave to post that ring pronto quick. Just hoping it’s in my size…
    Mary not T – you’re a bit Italian aren’t you? So am I, and I bet I could beat you in a ‘talking with hands’ competition…

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