Come Into My Garden – July

This month has been all about the flowerbed at the front of the garden, which is the only place that gets any sun when the cherry tree is in leaf. 

It started off looking like this at the beginning of the month, with nary a flower in sight after one of the coldest and wettest Junes anyone could remember.


And ended up looking somewhat parched and bedraggled after five weeks of soaring temps and hardly any rain.


In between it’s been all about the lilies, the oak-leaf hydrangeas and the lavender, with the echinaceas coming through in the last week or so.  

IMG_6250  IMG_6420

I’ve been so pleased with the lilies in particular.  I’ve been nervous about adding stuff to the designer’s original base scheme, but these have been fabulous, have fit perfectly into the colour scheme and have provided loads of colour and interest when there wasn’t much else going on.



I paired the orange rose in the raised bed we made with a hot pink salvia.  




This lily Chambertin is named after one of my favourite wines.


IMG_6428    IMG_7229


IMG_6841 IMG_6436


Being the organised person I am, I can’t find the bit of paper with the name of these chocolate-throated lilies, nor for the hot pink ones at the back of the bed.


Somewhat amazing to remember that this time last year the garden looked like THIS.



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    Paola, that garden looks GORGEOUS! What a difference a year makes! I hope y’all are getting to enjoy this weather with lots of leisurely afternoons in that garden.

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