Hello petal!

dahlia petal shoes

I want these VERY badly.  Unfortunately I don’t have suitably skinny legs and it isn’t Mother’s Day.



  1. says

    I know someone who bought these a couple years ago at the Oxo Tower. They were GORGEOUS and reportedly incredibly comfortable. DO IT!! x

  2. lissie says

    i think if you really, really want something, and you still think about said something days after first seeing, you should buy.
    (She says, regarding pile of Welsh blankets bought on ebay, while facing the sickening reality that she can’t cover mortgage this month)

  3. says

    they are so lovely – it would be such a pleasure to look down and see them on your feet. it’s not just about how they look on your feet, but the mood they put you in when you put them on. i know that happiness comes from withing, but sometimes joy comes from a pair of shoes, wink.

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