Cherry Cheesecake


Here’s what is left of my new BFF dessert, culled from the pages of Nigella Express, my new BFF cookbook.

Much as Nigella drives me completely up the wall, Nigella Express really is chock full of recipes which are delicious, a bit different, and very quick and easy to prepare as long as you’ve got the ingredients in the house.

For the above, smash up 125g of digestives or any plain buttery biscuit/cookie in a food processor (I used some LU Marie Lu  biscuits with some extra shortbread thrown in for good measure).  Add about 50g of softened butter, and continue whizzing until the mixture amalgamates.  Press the crumb base into a 20cm spring form tin.

Then whip up 300g of cream cheese, a bit of vanilla and a squeeze of lemon juice with 60g of icing sugar. Whisk up a cup (250 ml) of double (heavy) cream in a separate bowl and fold it into the cheese mixture. Then spoon it over the biscuit base, smooth it with a spatula and chill it over night.

Et voila – took me 20 mins tops. When you come to serve it, spoon a good cherry conserve over the top (Nigella uses St Dalfour Black Cherry, we used Bonne Maman Cherry Preserves) and watch the gluttony begin.



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    I restrained myself with huge difficulty – only because we had hungry guests in the house. That last little bit has long since disappeared of course.

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    When catering for an impromptu dinner one evening with friends I felt rather like an advert when the following conversation took place:
    The Boy: Ummm…. they’re coming in 45 minutes – are you not starting to cook yet?
    Me: No it’s fine – it’s all Nigella Express recipes and I’ve got it all in hand.
    Start cooking nonchalantly half an hour later and all works out well. Sausages, halloumi and red pepper as you ask, followed by chocolate and pear pudding.
    God love that despicable woman.xx

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    I love Nigella! Though, truthfully I do stay away from her show as she appears much more calculated in her delivery these days. But when she first came on the scene looking like a real woman and delighting in the food preparation she had me hooked!
    I hadn’t gotten the Express book as I was a bit skeptical that she was just funneling herself into as American market. But clearly this is NOT the case? As evidenced by this splendid looking concoction!!! It looks INCREDIBLE! (Nice shot Paola! Little Ms. Food Stylist!)
    Oh yes…I think you’ve convinced me. Indeed.

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    Ha! No food styling necessary. Just an incredibly yummy-looking dessert, for which I take no credit as I was just following instructions, and a close-up lens..
    Uncle B, you really do have to get the book, much as I hate for Nigella to become even more insanely rich than she is already.
    Helen, I haven’t tried either of those two yet, but the sausages and polenta thingy is excellent, as is the sweetcorn soup…

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