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    So, how was camping for you? The first time we took our boys camping they were unprepared for the absolute total darkness that descends at night in a forest with no artificial (or natural that night) light nearby. They freaked and had to be comforted at length, while the flashlight batteries became weaker and weaker. They survived to camp again, but I have given up sleeping on the ground.

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    The Minx took to camping like a duck to water, reverting to savagery in about 2 hours (it took us about 24).
    She was SO excited to be running around with a host of other kids, playing with flashlights and jumping in our tent as though it were a bouncy castle, that she was out like a light before she had time to work out that it really was EXTREMELY dark.
    We didn’t sleep on the ground but on blow-up mattresses. The first night I was so freakin’ cold that I wondered how I was going to make it through. On the second night I’d learned my lesson and went to bed wearing three different tops, jeans, socks, my own sleeping bag, the beach blanket and then another spare sleeping bag over the top and was toasty warm all night and a complete camping convert.

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