This morning – given that low-lying fog had scuppered our plans to go to the beach – the Minx and I made essential preparations for our forthcoming camping trip into the wilderness.  These choco-chip muffins come courtesy of that seminal work, Usborne’s Farmyard Tales Children’s Cookbook

This was actually our first time ever making muffins. I suspect it won’t be the last.



  1. says

    My computer is so slow (dial-up) that your title appeared long before anything else. I waited in breathless suspense for the stud muffins to be revealed…..and then….muffins. Oh. They do look delicious, and I’m sure they will help keep camping civilized.

  2. lissie says

    Can’t believe you and Herself are not exclusively cooking from The Kid’s Round the World Cookbook. It was good enough for that other lady from Seattle.
    Am wondering if you will loathe camping as much as I did, and if you will admit it if you don’t…

  3. Sheila says

    Just wanted to say I loved the video you linked to, a few posts back, with Matt’s crazy dancing all over the world. It is indeed moving as you said.
    Great muffins, I’ll be over for tea…happy camping

  4. says

    Oh Dana, sorry to disappoint you…
    Deri, did you know your book was selling for $50 on I can’t afford that sort of money..
    EVERYONE in the Pacific Northwest camps ALL the time (this may be a slight exaggeration) so we have to try it. But am intrigued to see how it compares to boutique hotels.

  5. lissie says

    Just can’t imagine you that far away from a bath melt, is all.
    You can have a signed copy of book for birthday.

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