Bedroom Schemes

One day soon we ARE going to get to getting the inside of the house painted (we’ve got quotes and things but I just can’t bear the thought of the disruption) and I am starting to think about colour schemes.

Of course, the bedroom will be very much dictated by the presence of the Emma Gardner rug , which I realise I haven’t really shown you in all its glory.


I also recently acquired an ‘Apostrophe Chair’ from Urban Outfitters, which I got at an extremely bargainaceous price, because they were just discontinuing them in that colour.  The chair is ludicrously comfortable, but also ridiculously lightweight so I then had to acquire a sheepskin rug from UGG Australia to anchor it down a bit and stop it wandering all over the room. So not quite such a bargain as first envisaged.

Unfortunately at the moment the whole ensemble is a little vignette of hope in the middle of a sea of ugliness.  If you just pan to the left a little you will see the Husband’s incredibly un-picturesque office corner (which will have to remain there until we redo the basement, so sometime in 2020).


But one day – hopefully within my lifetime –  it will become a lovely nook from where I can read, knit and just gaze at the view over Lake Union and the downtown buildings beyond (which are  impossible to capture on film while still retaining the details of the room).


I saw these on Uncle Beefy’s fabulous blog today and thought that might be a good colour scheme for the room with the rug as a starting point and maybe some dove grey mixed in. I am leaving that thought to marinade a little.




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    You’re welcome!
    The Minx wanted to know if ‘the puppy’ was coming back to see us today.
    And I forgot to ask you why your name is Fert…

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