Ideal Home – Iconic Chairs Tea Towel

We got a very lovely piece of coverage in Ideal Home magazine just recently.

 Ideal Home suppl cover July 08

Ideal Home July 08

They had the clever idea to FRAME the Iconic Chairs Tea Towel by Grace & Go, which looks superb in this rather lovely kitchen (might be a bit inconvenient for the washing up though).

Thinking about it, some of the other teatowels we stock, most notably the colourful screen prints from Atelier LZC would also look fabulous framed. Cheap artwork! (I bet that gorgeous frame they’ve used cost a bit though).



  1. lissie says

    Have actually considered framing said Atelier T-towel (could never quite bring self to sully by using to wash up). Like the idea of framing things you might not normally think of framing – scarves, etc. But not baby’s clothes, that’s just spooky.

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