We have socks!


The sock obsession has been continuing unabated and I have actually finished my first pair of socks.  They were a very plain pattern (from Violet Green which comes free with their sock yarn, though I can’t find it on their site) and are riddled with mistakes, but hugely fun and I now own the most comfortable pair of socks in the history of the planet. Note they’re already slightly fluffy as I have been wearing them all weekend.402

I’m a complete novice at ‘reading’ sock yarn, so I had no idea they would end up looking like this.  Really quite subtle.  I actually love them, though next time I do a variegated yarn I might try a slightly more textured pattern. Because yes, there’s definitely going to be a ‘next time’.

It was a little embarrassing lying on my back on the lawn like a stranded beetle while I photographed my feet. The neighbours can’t laugh though, because the other night we watched them film a zombie movie in their back yard. The bit when the ‘body’ emerged from the hole they’d dug was really very effective.



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