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Can I turn this


into this?


Heavy Petal is a great gardening blog based in Vancouver BC and thus full of tips for the Pacific Northwest gardener.  She found instructions for making this gourd birdhouse on craft blog Two Straight Lines and I’m going to have try it.

Surely even someone as craft-challenged as myself can manage this, particularly when you can buy the gourd ready drilled and cleaned from here?  I have ordered my gourd and will keep you posted.

It appears that I should also be buying tomato seeds about now. I want to try growing heirloom tomatoes this year and am thinking about trying them in Topsy Turvy planters hanging round the house.



  1. says

    I have used and decorated gourds for years, They add fun to the gardens and crafting.
    I also really enjoy heirloom tomatoes. I think they have a richer taste and add color to the table. I really like brandywines and the pineapple tomato

  2. says

    Super cute birdhouse.
    I went to reposition and fix the roof on my birdhouse at the weekend but the wee bluetits had moved in already! Our seasons are so confused. I don’t like to tamper with it now, but they have a leaky roof and I don’t want the chicks to get a chill if it rains and turns icey cold like last March. Oh the dilemmas of avian parenthood!

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