Today I Am Mostly

So, today I am mostly launching my new photoblog Today I Am Mostly, where I’m going to try and paste one interesting photo every day for the next year. 





This blog is mostly a challenge to myself – a way of forcing me to think creatively about my photography and develop a recognisable personal style.  I’m also hoping that it will become a photographic diary of my year.

The rules I’ve set for myself are – one photo a day, taken on that day. I will also be setting up a Today I Am Mostly Flickr set with any ‘spare’ photos available on my Flickr photostream.

I’d love it if you came over and played on the new blog.  Please tell me in the comments if you particularly like any photo, as I’m hoping maybe to set up an Etsy shop to sell prints and postcards later in the year.



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    I have added the RSS feed to my Reader, and cant WAIT to see what you shoot everyday! You have such a wonderful sensibility Paola, I know that we will all be in for a big treat!

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