Food porn I

So this morning we decided to check out our new neighbourhood-to-be. 

Wallingford looks like it will be a lot of fun, full of quiet tree-lined roads, some funky shops on its main thoroughfares and lots of families.  It reminds me a bit of Battersea in London – great views of the downtown area across the water, still urban in feel, but with a definite separate identity and even a zoo quite close by.

After being a bit disappointed by somewhat down-at-heel Gasworks Park (which I’ll blog about separately), we were thrilled to find the best children’s playground we’ve found so far in Seattle and, after following a recommendation from Not Martha, the most gorgeous little cupcake shop – Trophy Cupcakes and Party.

We brought some cupcakes home for our lunch and I can say that they were without a doubt the best cupcakes we’ve had so far in the US – richly flavoured, not too sweet (the chocolate buttercream was wonderfully chocolatey), with a soft but dense crumb and a slight bite to the top.  We tried the Red Velvet, Chocolate Vanilla,  and Vanilla Vanilla and they were all superb. 

Add the fact that on Friday night we went to the cutest little art house cinema not very far away, and I think I’m going to enjoy living here very much.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I have a plan bubbling around to open a ‘mirrormirror’ shop and teashop when I get back to London.  And I think this teashop is going to have to sell lots of American-style cupcakes, cookies and brownies.



  1. Charlotte says

    Oh that would be so wonderful!
    There are barely ANY nice tea shops that sell cupcakes in London.
    Trust Me, I’ve searched…
    Your Photography is gorgeous….Please, Please, Please open up a mirrormirror tea/cake house here!
    I’d love you forever 😉

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