Frankly I think gingerbread tastes like soap, but that didn’t stop me admiring the incredible gingerbread creations on display at the City Centre mall – apparently another Seattle holiday tradition.

The theme was ‘Scenes of the Northwest’ which meant we got a gingerbread Smith Tower



and Seattle townscape complete with holiday carousel, space needle, Starbucks, monorail and Mount Rainier.

The attention to detail was astonishing.  Here are the vendors throwing fish in Pike Place Market

and yes that clock does work.

Santa’s sleigh above was moving round the Christmas tree.


Speaking of advent calendars, I am indebted to the Instant Hausfrau, who is putting together an ‘advent calendar’ of Seattle-based holiday activities.  I am also indebted to her for posting a link today to a Flickr group of ‘crying santa photos’.



  1. says

    Wow! That is pretty impressive gingerbread. I was thinking of buying one of those ‘make your own gingerbread house’ kits from the Selfridges foodhall, but I suspect it would pale in comparison…

  2. says

    I was going to buy one too – well, from the supermarket here – until I read the ingredient list and realised that it was entirely composed of chemicals.

  3. says

    I’m so glad you got a chance to check it out! Have a friend who works in Smith Tower, so I’m hoping she’ll get to see that masterpiece. If she doesn’t make it in person, I’ll send her to your great photo here!

  4. says

    Oh, your friend should go. I think the Smith Tower was my favourite – it’s certainly the most awe-inspiring – and it’s not everyday that you get to see your workplace immortalised in gingerbread.

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