Feeling all New Year-ish at the moment.  

I’ve read somewhere that this is not a particularly good time of year to be making resolutions, but the bleakness of the weather and the emptiness of the spaces where previously there were decorations seem appropriate for taking oneself firmly in hand.

And so here are my resolutions for 2007. It’s the first time I’ve ever published resolutions for all the world to see, and it’s making them seem a lot more big and scary. You are very welcome to call me to account come the end of the year.

  • Lose two stoneNew Year’s Resolutions just wouldn’t be the same without the obligatory weight loss one, but I’m getting really fed up of not being able to find clothes I like.
  • Double ‘mirrormirror’s’ revenuesNo idea how we’re going to achieve this quite yet, though we managed it last year.
  • Learn to dance obscenely wellTo which end I have just attended my first salsa class.
  • Take more time out to enjoy myself.  Am hoping this parenting malarkey might become a bit easier this year.


  1. Dana says

    I commend you for starting the year so bravely. I have been watching your blog for a couple of months and would like to welcome you to the Northwest. I lived in Ballard for many years and currently live up north in Skagit County. This is a wonderful part of the world, but it is hard to be new. Good luck and happy new year!

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