It’s official

Well I hate to bang on about it – but the weather here has been dreadful.

As of November 15th it is officially the wettest  Seattle November since records began and we’re only half way through the month!

Today, though, we had a brief respite and for the first time I could see the point of living here.  The sun glistened on the sea, the air was crisp, one could see mountains in every direction and the autumn leaves and berries were spectacular.

Unaccustomed as I am to such splendour, I had of course left my camera at home and so was unable to record all the loveliness.

Which is a pity, as another ferocious storm is forecast for the weekend.



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    Well, if it is any consolation, London is being lashed by rain at present with more to come. Rain by the sea is infinitely more exciting – so grand and powerful!

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    How fun to have come across your blog as I am reading from someone in England…I live about an hour North of Seattle! I know it might be a little depressing on days of dark Rain, Rain, and more Rain…but, absolutely GLORIOUS days come around that make it all worth while! When the sun peaks thru after a storm…and the snow capped mountains surround you…and Springtime…sooo amazing! So Chin Up…you are now living in an incredible place on this earth. Off to look at what sounds like a very interesting store…MirrorMirror…

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