I was just looking back through my photos (I’m trying to get some Flickr albums up and running) and thought you might like to see some pictures of the gorgeous Chromata Hotel in Santorini, Greece where I was lucky enough to stay a few years back.

It is without doubt the most stunning place I’ve ever stayed.

The word ‘breathtaking’ is often used for views but in this case they really were – at the highest point of the caldera looking out to sea. The design of the hotel was equally spectacular, making the most of the cavelike rooms burrowed deep into the rock, and mixing iconic Greek charm – weathered woods, turquoise walls and white stones – with curly antiques, ‘Ghost’ chairs, Venetian mirrors and twinkly lights. Our suite featured a cavernous red bedroom, a cool turquoise sitting room and (somewhat gratuitously) its very own plunge pool, though to be honest we mostly lounged on our terrace or by the side of the small but exquisite infinity pool.

Actually I’m now feeling rather wistful after looking at these photos, since they don’t take children, so it’s going to be ages before I can go back. And it’s a grotty autumnal day here in London.



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    Isn’t it just the grottiest day… Friends of ours recently went to Santorini on their honeymoon. I’m quite taken with the pics – it looks enchanting. No, scratch that, it looks bl**dy beautiful. You must have had a wonderful time. My light relief for today with its yucky grey sky is to think of somewhere for us to go in November that will still be warm but not too far away… Maybe Greece? Hmn…

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    Santorini might just work. I’ve been to Greece in early October and it’s still warm, though it might not be swimming weather in November.
    And Santorini nowadays is really touristy in high season so there’ll probably still be stuff open in November – that way you’ll avoid the crowds and that depressing ‘hors saison’ feeling you can get in smaller resorts.
    There are some glorious hotels all along the caldera which will probably be cheapish at that time of year and would be great to lounge around in whatever the weather.

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