Commenter of the Week – Camilla

Commenter of the Week!

The second mirror mirror Commenter of the Week is my very good friend and yummy mummy ‘Camilla’ (aka Fiona) – one of my few real life friends who comments on this blog and also the bravest woman I know.

Fiona was diagnosed with colon cancer and secondary liver cancer back in June last year and decided to start a blog as an efficient way of letting her friends know about her progress. Since then we have wept and cheered along with her as she discusses debilitating chemotherapies, horrific post-operative infections, appalling eczema, battling consultants and Anthea Turner‘s wig – always with wit, style, candour and good humour. It truly is an inspiring read.

Having already undergone one operation to remover the tumour in her colon and loads of chemotherapy, this month she has a final operation to remove the lesions in her liver. So far she has been responding very well to treatment, so hopefully this final operation will mark the end of a long and difficult road.

We’re all very much hoping that Prince Charles will buy Camilla (Fiona looks like a more youthful and far more beautiful version of Camilla PB) a new frock for her red carpet appearance.

Confusingly, Commenter of the Week is not awarded to the commenter who posts the best comment that week. Anyone who has ever posted on the mirror mirror blog is eligible. Just think of these comments boxes as a global cocktail party with me frantically trying to make the introductions.



  1. Camilla says

    “Oh. My. God. *shrieks and giggles* What an honour. I can hardly believe it. *breaks down sobbing*. Never did I think I would be recognised in such a way from a field of so many talented bloggers. *hoiks up flowing number from Robinson Valentine (why did you suggest Chazzer should choose my dress anyway : I rather fancied a Halle Berry cast off)* I’d like to thank my paren-….”
    Camilla is dragged off stage right by the handle of her Union Jack umbrella (as seen in her blog…)
    Truly, am honoured. Though about to put my head in gas oven if I really do resemble Camilla as pictured here…I had hoped it was only my (then 2 year old) daughter who spotted a resemblance – as I sat with her on my lap idly flicking through Hello magazine in the hairdressers (as you do) one day, she espyed a picture of La Camilla and pointing a chubby finger at it triumphantly crowed “Is Mummmmmeeeee”. Am sure she was only confused by the tiara ;-p

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