Think of a number

Is this art? This artist in Switzerland has just produced a thousand individual limited edition paintings of numbers which he is selling online. The more numbers that are sold the more expensive they become (minimum price $40). Apparently they’re flying round the Internet ( I found out about it through Seth’s blog) and flying off the shelves.


  1. says

    Art or not . . . who are we to decide. My question is why are some numbers over $300.00 and dsome are $60.00. Is 841 less than a number than say 36?? Seems a bit gimmicky.

  2. Diane says

    Bloody hell. Well, I’m quite happy if other people want to buy them, but I find them unappealing on pretty much every level I can think of. You can get a lot of Fruit & Nut for $60…

  3. camilla says

    A click on the website selling these number paintings highlighted an interesting personality trait of mine. I must be an advertiser’s or ebay seller’s dream. The paintings don’t really appeal but immediately I realised that the paintings were selling, I became interested. And when I saw that my first choices of numbers had all gone I WANTED one and when I finally found a number that had some personal significance and was still available for sale I had to talk to myself pretty firmly to stop clicking on the buy button. And a little voice is still telling me to buy – it’s potentially an investment opportunity after all….
    I must be mad!!

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