A nice bit of coverage today in Reveal. Our Japanese print toilet bag and rose-topped aromatherapy bathmelts were shown on a page of Mother’s Day gift ideas, apparently ‘inspired’ by Thandie Newton. I couldn’t quite work out how exactly Ms Newton had inspired these products, except that her aqua gown is the same colour as the trim on the washbag. But Thandie Newton is just the sort of celebrity I’d like to have associated with mirror mirror so I’m not complaining.

Was amused to note that the stringy-haired, stringy-armed, one-eyed alien had – by virtue of wearing a pale pink dress and some diamond jewellery – ‘inspired’ a collection of oh-so-pretty rose pink, silver and glass objects which you could never in a million years imagine Madonna ever having in her house.



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    Oh you make me laugh! Maybe one eye suggested your products??? Maybe she said I’ll only let you put my face on your cover if Mirror mirror’s products are in your magazine! ;)

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    Just catching up on your blog today, tons of great stuff, the Madonna thing is, as always, hysterical but maybe, just maybe, her new look has inspired a new collection of things in her home, no maore Gaultier, it’s all florals for her now!

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