Cracking PR

Mad day today.

A friend popped round for coffee this morning with her 3-month old baby boy (the Minx was beside herself as he has an extraordinary quantity of strokeable hair – I think she thought he was a kitten).

As we were chatting away about matters diverse, I realised that order after order for our Hannah Tofalos eggcups was popping into my inbox. Finally my brother called me to say that – unbeknownst to me or our PR company* – the eggcups had been featured in Metrothe freebie newspaper given out at Tube stations with a huge readership of London commuters.

The bad news is that we were quite low on stock so they sold out rather quickly – I’m sure I could have sold them ten times over. The good news is that as a direct result of that feature we took the biggest single order we’ve ever taken. So all-in-all a VERY satisfying mirror mirror day. But must fly now as it is 11.30 pm and I still have eggcups to pack.

*I haven’t yet been able to get hold of the feature – the PR company is working on it – so instead here is a quite delightful picture of smooth blue eggs which I found in the Comments box on a Decor8 post.



  1. says

    Wow that’s great news, and hey, still a few weeks till easter madness ends so maybe you’ll be able to stock up and sell tons more.

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