Purple Cow

PurplecowJust back from our madcap trip to the West Coast of the US.  More successful than I ever dreamed possible – thanks to all the planning we did  and the fact that the Minx somehow metamorphosed into a little angel along the way.  Though it was a bit tragic to see how excited she was this morning to be back with all her familiar toys, particularly her beloved piano.  She was even beside herself with glee when we put her in her high chair. 

Anyway, the trip to Seattle may have interesting ramifications, so I will blog about it at a later date when the ramifications have become clearer.

Our trip to California to see my elderly aunt was also hugely thought-provoking on many levels, so I will blog about that at a later date when my provoked thoughts get themselves into some sort of order and I don’t have so many Valentines Day orders to pack.  (Dear Reader, how can you bear the suspense?)

In the meantime I’d like to mention a little book I read on the plane – Purple Cow by Seth Godin.  To be honest, the book was somewhat insubstantial, as his basic premise can be summed up in about a paragraph (he clearly is a marketing genius to be able to parlay that into a best-selling book). 

In a nutshell, he states a truly successful business can’t just be very good at what it does – there are far too many other very good companies out there -  but has to be REMARKABLE in some way.  Which of course got me thinking about mirror mirror and how we can make it stand out from the crowd, especially all our competitors who are so much bigger and uglier than we are.

I think the key areas where we can differentiate ourselves are a) stunning products; b) the gift service in general and in particular the care and attention we pay to our packaging and c) providing an outstanding level of customer service. 

Of course, I’d like to think we’re a Purple Cow company already , but I’d love to get any ideas you might have on things we could do better and things we could do add to the service to make it truly incredible.  Please share your thoughts of what you’d really like to see from an online shop. (The best ideas will win a yet-to-be-determined prize…)


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