06476_86Have had to put my usual thrill-a-minute social life on hold (this might be a slight exaggeration – am mother of one-year-old after all) for a weekend of getting organised. 

We’re off on a rather crazy week-long trip to Seattle and California on Wednesday and needed to make sure we’d booked hotels, done the washing and bought Boots’ entire stock of lavender aromatherapy oils to help the Minx get over her jetlag. 

Apart from yesterday’s rather gratifying flurry of orders, the only redeeming feature of the weekend has been using the extremely groovy Backpack project organising software (which you can use free on their website, no need even to download).  It’s little more than a glorified To Do list with space for notes, but is more flexible and somehow more gratifying than Outlook.  Anyway, me and my husband have been spent the weekend sitting at our computers merrily amending and re-ordering our immense list and even occasionally ticking things off as done.  How sad. Oh and here’s a California Poppy.


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